Aubergine heart raviolis

A romantic dish for your Valentine day

This is a recipe that I cooked some time ago for my partner. He was coming home for lunch after the work and I wanted to make him feel loved and cared. It can be an ideal recipe for S. Valentine, a small effort and you will gift your loved one with food straight from the heart….


Ingredients for 2 people

1 aubergine
125 gr ricotta
grated Parmesan
2 eggs
200 gr flour
salt, black pepper grounded at the moment
tomato sauce
basil leaves
1 shallots
sunflower oil


First of all make the filling by dicing the aubergine and pan-frying it until it is tender. Move it to a bowl and mash it with the ricotta and the Parmesan, taste and adjust with salt and pepper. Put the filling aside and start with the dough. On a wooden surface or in a bowl mix together the flour, the eggs and a pinch of salt. If you are using a bowl I strongly suggest to transfer the mix to a wooden surface to start knead it with your hands. Work with the dough until it is completely assembled and stretching. Many chefs would wrap the dough in cling film and put it in the fridge to rest for, at least, half an hour, but I follow my mummy method and I start to roll it immediately.

When your dough is ready, divide it in small pieces and roll them with a pasta machine starting from the thicker gauge and little by little move to the thinner. Continue in this way until the sheet is nice and thin. Divide the filling in small little balls and cover with another thin pasta sheet. Press well with your finger around every small aubergine and ricotta ball to allow the air to exit. When you are sure that everything is alright you can start cutting the ravioli with an heart-shaped cutter. Put the raviolis aside and keep doing the same until all the pasta dough is finished. Don’t worry about the piece of pasta left from the cutting, you can knead them again in the dough.

Once all your raviolis are done start with the sauce. Thinly slice the shallot and cook it in a pan with some sunflower oil, after 5 minutes you can add the tomato sauce and the basil leaves. Taste and season with salt and pepper and let it cook for about 15-20 minutes. Cook the raviolis in a big pan with boiled, salted water and as soon as they come to the surface, they are ready. Add the raviolis to the tomato sauce pan and mix them carefully….you don’t want to break them!!

Serve the raviolis in a nice warm plate, finish with some raw basil leaves and grated Parmesan and enjoy them with your loved one and a nice glass of rosé wine.



Welcome everybody to my new and first blog. My name is Debora and I’m Italian. I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, 5 years ago and I’m proud to say that I took all my culinary roots with me. This blog is about what I learned from my mum and my grannies in the kitchen and what I’m still learning by myself. Cooking is a never ending lovestory, it’s made of passion and trust (trust in your ability to cook something decent no matter how bad you think you are). As in a love affair you learn everyday, so it is in the kitchen and, honestly, I’m not so confident to say that I know everything about it but I promise I’ll give you my best.

I come from an amazing town in Italy called Ravenna. It is part of the Emilia Romagna region and it is a secret treasure in terms of culture, history and food. Food is part of what we are and obviously is part of me, I can still remember making “cappelletti” every Sunday morning with my mum and listening to her lesson about the filling and the pasta dough. Every food in my mind is associated with a memory from my childhood and I think it is that connection that took me inside the fabulous word of cooking….the ability to create a memory through the love of food. 

With this blog I wish I’ll be able to share some of my  culinary experiences with all of you and I also hope to learn new things along the road.

Lots of love to everybody,