making gnocchi

Potato gnocchi

To make the potato gnocchi I always use the proportion one each: 100 gr potatoes and 100 gr flour and the dosage changes based on how many people you’re cooking for. Cook the potatoes in a pan with some water, the Desiree version is the best for this recipe, and when they are tender drain. Let them cool and mash on a wooden surface, add the flour and some salt. Work everything together  and add more flour if required.

After the dough is ready, divide it in parts and start rolling each with your hands until you have a long, thick ribbon. Cut it in pieces and using your thumb rolling each gnocchi  on a floured fork. This will give to your gnocchi that nice shape useful to retain the sauce.

Keep working in the same way until all the dough is done and don’t forget to sprinkle your gnocchi with some flour at the end.


If you want to dare with something different you can add colour to your gnocchi using spinach, butternut squash, tomato paste, saffron or beetroot.The secret is to add the vegetable or the spice in the dough at the very beginning of the kneading process. If you decide to use spinach or butternut squash, always remember to cook them and to let them cool until they are cold before adding to the dough. In the spinach case you have to be sure that all the water has been drained away, otherwise your gnocchi will be a complete disaster. I remember my granny using nettles in the place of the spinach and the colour was so green and bright, if you want to do the same ALWAYS remember to wear gloves every time you handle the nettles or, at least, until they are cooked.