Welcome everybody to my new and first blog. My name is Debora and I’m Italian. I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, 5 years ago and I’m proud to say that I took all my culinary roots with me. This blog is about what I learned from my mum and my grannies in the kitchen and what I’m still learning by myself. Cooking is a never ending lovestory, it’s made of passion and trust (trust in your ability to cook something decent no matter how bad you think you are). As in a love affair you learn everyday, so it is in the kitchen and, honestly, I’m not so confident to say that I know everything about it but I promise I’ll give you my best.

I come from an amazing town in Italy called Ravenna. It is part of the Emilia Romagna region and it is a secret treasure in terms of culture, history and food. Food is part of what we are and obviously is part of me, I can still remember making “cappelletti” every Sunday morning with my mum and listening to her lesson about the filling and the pasta dough. Every food in my mind is associated with a memory from my childhood and I think it is that connection that took me inside the fabulous word of cooking….the ability to create a memory through the love of food. 

With this blog I wish I’ll be able to share some of my  culinary experiences with all of you and I also hope to learn new things along the road.

Lots of love to everybody,




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